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Information about tea from the varieties to the history of the World of Tea.

Starbucks buys Teavana! oh no?

So Starbuck acquired Teavana. As a Small Tea business owner I must say I was slightly alarmed. One of my good friends family used to own almost 10 coffee shops then Starbucks used their weight to squash the competition. This was the first thought that entered my head. Would my fledgling business be squashed before it even hits its stride? The answer is frankly no. Starbucks buying Teavana will likely (famous last words) in the end help my business. As I am currently online only so Starbucks purchasing Teavana will introduce new people to tea. Hopefully when they search for […]

Types of Tea

So much tea so little time and with more than 10,000 different teas made from the different varietals of the Camelia Sinensis or the tea plant as known to well everybody who drinks tea, a little help to navigate all the tea types is nice. I would argue that tea has just as much if not more complexity in variety of flavors and blends than all the different types of wine combined. So just as most consumers would not buy a white, red or a rose wine without knowing some of the basic characteristics of those types, neither should the […]

How to Store Tea

We all love our tea fresh as it can be. It allows us to enjoy the nuances that separate good tea from just ok and even bad tea. If you allow your tea to become stale, we suggest you then gift that to your favorite in-law and that you buy some fresh tea from us with a proper container to store it in because life is too short to drink bad tea. Tea can be stored for many months without losing quality as long as it’s done correctly. Its fairly easy to store tea the right way. Just store it […]

How To Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea

There really is no 1 way to brew a perfect cup of tea, as everyone will enjoy different taste profiles that different techniques will bring out of your tea. The key then is to experiment and find what works best for you! Some things to experiment with are how much tea you use to make a cup, brewing times, and water temperature. it is usually better to start with a lower water temperature and steep time because as these two values increase, the tea becomes bolder, but if you let these values get too high the tea will become bitter […]

What is tea and why should I drink it?

Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant and is a wonderful aromatic and healthy beverage. Green, white, black, Oolong, and pu-erh are all teas, the only difference between them is in how they are processed post picking. Herbal tea like chamomile, rooibos or yerba mate is technically not tea since they are not made with the Camellia sinensis plant. Drinking tea is probably the healthiest and easiest thing you can do for yourself. Tea has high amounts of antioxidants, flavanols, flavonoids, and polyphenols and over 700 other beneficial chemical compounds. Now you’re probably thinking great! But wait, what are […]